Chef Hamamoto lives and breathes Japanese seasonality, a simple concept that requires nothing more than taking the freshest of what’s in season and cooking them with utmost respect. In line with this philosophy, we present only the finest Japanese ingredients procured at the prime of its season, be it the keiji (infant salmon) that signals the arrival of November, the red abalone that rings in the dawn of July, or the Japanese sea urchin from Awaji Island, Iki and Hamanaka that Chef Hamamoto hunts from different prefectures as the sea urchin’s harvesting grounds migrate with the season. With these pristine produce at his fingertips, Chef Hamamoto primes them to the condition required for service and prepares them raw as sashimi or sushi, or serves them lightly cooked with house-made Japanese sauces. In doing so, we pay utmost tribute to the artisans of Japan.


Ki-sho’s sake menu is a celebration of Japan’s most coveted labels. We curate an array of about 60 premium sake labels, some of which - think Juyondai Ryugetsu - are rare even in Japan. Many of our labels are procured from limited-production distilleries such as the Shinkame Hikomago Junmai Daiginjo, an artisanal and extremely rare 7-year aged sake; and Hikomago Tokinonagane Junmai Daiginjo Daikosyu, a 30-year aged sake blended from the vintages of 1984, 1985 and 1986; as well as Zankyo Super “7”. These bottles are chosen for their elegant profile and to offer a seamless match with Chef Hamamoto’s seasonally inspired cuisine.

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Online Reservation

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